Micellar Cleansing Water

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  • Natural & Pure
  • Chemical Free
  • Organic Formulation

A 100% natural and pure product to remove your make up in 60 seconds like you never had it.

Micellar water is gentler than typical cleansers and used to easily remove makeup by drawing out pore-clogging oils. It’s also more moisturizing and alcohol-free than makeup wipes. As a result, the skin is kept clean and clear.

It is suitable for all skin types and may be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, and a toner.

Aqua / Water, Hexylene Glycol, Glycerin, Disodium EDTA, Poloxamer 184, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide.

Pump the micellar water onto a cotton ball or cotton pad and lightly swipe or dab dirt and makeup away.

11 reviews for Micellar Cleansing Water

  1. Farah paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    It works wonders in removing makeup. Tried this product for removing matte lipstick and guess what, it vanishes with just a press and swipe.

  2. Rubab Arshad paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    Beautifully removes the makeup, kajal, liner, lipstick etc. just wipe it accross your face gently. With cotton or cotton pad even a cotton cloth or fabric will do.

  3. Bisal Saeed paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    It clears up the skin just like No makeup was on ! I love this product since 3 weeks & more to go !
    The product is like a Water ! Doesn’t even feel on skin ! No itching , no redness ! Must try product

  4. Muneera Ahmed paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    Removes makeup, sunscreen and dirt effortlessly.

  5. Aimen paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    I like this Micellar Cleansing water as it does what it claims for. It removes heavy makeup true in 2 to 3 swipes. Essential for everyone. Packaging is also good

  6. Farwa Gulzar paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    Before I used an oil based cleanser for removing everyday makeup But after buying this i love it..

  7. Sana Yasin paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    Very easily removes makeup along with all the dirt and oil from the skin. It’s work really well on my sensitive skin.

  8. Faiza Nadeem paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    This is one of the great makeup removing formula available in the market at this moment. It’s free from chemical ingredients

  9. Sania Shoaib paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    Great for sensitive skin as it is free from fragrances and alcohol. Can be used as a first step in double cleansing.

  10. Sumreen Naz paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    I have been using it especially for removing my waterproof Eyeliner and it does the job perfectly. Thank U :)

  11. Umber Talat paryshay verified reviewsverified purchase

    It gently removes all the makeup, doesn’t leave your skin dry or greasy! I will definitely buy it again.I love this product

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Why Should you Buy Micellar Water

Ready to embrace a completely new type of cleanser into your daily skin care regimen. Micellar Water is a facial cleanser that has long been Europe’s best-kept beauty secret.

Paryshay Micellar Water is a non-rinsing face cleanser that is gentle on skin and uses a unique technology to leave skin feeling clean and smooth. You can also follow your cleansing with Paryshay micellar water if you want to take your skin care a step further than just washing your face with soap and water.

It’s a face cleanser that removes excess sebum and pollutants from your skin while leaving it soft and radiant. Parishay Micellar Water is made up of Micelles, or oil-based particles that draw dirt and pollutants to the surface of your skin and lift them away.

Paryshay Micellar Water is particularly effective at removing makeup including foundation, eye makeup, and mascara. It also gets rid of residual dirt and grease. The best thing about Paryshay Micellar Water is that it combines both functions into a single solution that is simple to use.

It appears like water and has the same viscosity as water, but it has a different texture than water when you put it on your finger and feel it. It’s also a great beauty travel item because it comes in handy while going on vacation, camping, or visiting regions where there’s no easy access to running water.

Nutrition Information

Micellar Water is made with micelles, tiny lipid cleansing molecules suspended in water.

  • purified water
  • surfactants -micelles
  • Glycerine


Each ingredient in our products is carefully sourced by our team of health specialists. Every ingredient must be traditionally used for its stated purpose or have scientific evidence to support its health claims.

  • FREE from Parabens, Triclosans, Phthalates l, Silicones, Artificial Fragrance and Artificial Color.
  • Cruelty-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, vegan.


Paryshay Micellar Water is a versatile skin care product that is quickly becoming a favorite. Purified water, moisturizers like glycerin, and mild surfactants, which are washing ingredients, are used to formulate this amazing product.

Micelles, a type of spherical chemical structure that helps draw dirt and oil from the skin, are formed when the molecules of these mild surfactants combine together. Paryshay Micellar water is gentle but excellent in removing debris, makeup, and oil, which helps to unclog your pores while toning your skin.

It’s also alcohol-free, which means it’ll keep your skin soft, supple, and smooth while promoting skin hydration and preventing irritation and inflammation.

Here are some of the benefits and applications of micellar water.

1. Promotes skin hydration

Glycerin, a moisturizing ingredient included in Paryshay micellar water, has been demonstrated to help the skin retain moisture more efficiently. As a result, it works well to restore skin hydration and improve the skin’s natural barrier function.

Furthermore, micellar water’s surfactants are gentle and non-irritating, making it an excellent choice for people with dry skin.

2. Removes dirt and oil

Micellar water is a type of face cleanser that is used to remove makeup, grime, and oil from the skin. This is due to the presence of micelles, which are molecules that are extremely good at removing dirt and oil from the skin, allowing it to remain clear.

Micelles can also boost the permeability of your skin, allowing cleansers to penetrate deeper layers.Glycerin has also been demonstrated to increase skin permeability, which may help the cleansing components in micellar water work more effectively.

3. Good for all skin types

Micellar water is very adaptable and suitable for almost any skin type, whether dry, oily, or normal.

It’s especially good for people with sensitive skin because it’s free of skin-irritating substances like soaps and alcohols. One of the key ingredients in Paryshay micellar water, glycerin, has been found to minimize skin inflammation and irritation.

4. Keeps skin clear

Micellar water may help in the prevention of acne, clogged pores, and stubborn blemishes, especially in people with acne, blocked pores, or stubborn blemishes. Clogged pores, which can become irritated and evolve into pimples, are a common cause of acne.

Furthermore, because Paryshay micellar water may be administered with merely a cotton pad, it eliminates the need for germ-spreading facial brushes and washcloths.

5. Formulated to be a gentle facial cleanser

Paryshay Micellar Water is also designed to be a gentle wash for the face. It can really leave your skin appearing hydrated and supple, whilst conventional cleansers might rob it of moisture. Micellar Water has a different texture (and effectiveness!) than regular water because it was created to replace normal water.

6. Doesn’t require rinsing

It saves you time and effort when it comes to skin care throughout the day and night. Simply use Paryshay Micellar water to cleanse, remove makeup, or care for your skin.

7. Portable and convenient

Paryshay micellar water is portable, practical, and easy to use, in addition to all of the benefits associated with it.
It replaces the need for multiple other skin care products by acting as a makeup remover, cleanser, and toner, freeing up space and reducing clutter in your cabinet.

It’s also perfect for traveling and can come in handy in situations where running water isn’t available. When you’re on the go or don’t have much space, smaller sizes are also available.

How to Use Micellar Water

Any cotton pad or cotton ball will work with Micellar washing water. Look for large cotton pads, which can be found at most drugstores, for the best results.

Micellar Water, like all facial cleansers, should be used first in your skin care routine. To make use of:

  • Using a cotton pad, apply Paryshay Micellar water. Swipe the pad across your face until there is no more dirt or makeup on it. To remove eye makeup, make sure the pad is completely damped.
  • Then, use the “Press and Hold” technique. Simply press the pad against your eyelid and hold it there for a few seconds before wiping it away gently. The “Press and Hold” technique aids the micelles in acting as a magnet to lift makeup, debris, and pollutants off your skin.

Micellar Water is versatile enough to be used in other elements of your Makeup routine in addition to serving as a daily facial cleanser. Let’s look at when Micellar Water should be used now that we know how to utilize it:

  • Did you make a blunder with your contouring? Have you made a mistake with your mascara?Paryshay Micellar Water can help you fix your makeup disaster without having to cleanse your entire face again. Simply dip a Q-Tip into the makeup removing solution to remove the makeup error before continuing to beautify your face.

Paryshay Micellar Water can be used as a mist to refresh the look of your skin even if you aren’t wearing makeup.

  • Keep it with you on the go whether hiking or exercising outside to freshen up your appearance and remove any dirt or pollutants from the surface of your skin. Even if you’re participating in a tough outdoor activity, Paryshay Micellar Water can keep you looking fresh.
  • Paryshay Micellar water is a simple approach to get rid of hair color stains on your skin (think hands and around your hairline). No rinsing is required; simply soak a cotton ball or pad in Micellar Cleansing Water and dab it on the stains until they peel away.
  • Paryshay Swipe Micellar Water on the region before waxing to wash the skin and eliminate extra debris and oil that could prevent the wax from adhering well.
  • Do you want to clean your makeup brushes thoroughly? To remove filth and makeup residue, pour a little Paryshay Micellar Water into a dish and swirl your makeup brushes around in it. Allow your brush to air dry after shaking off any excess Micellar Water. To keep your brushes in good shape, do it every two weeks (or more).

Have a Happy cleansing with Paryshay Micellar water!

Skin Type: All
Use for: Whole Body

  • Store your bottle in a cool, dark place away from extreme heat.
  • A good rule of thumb is to toss the serum six months after it’s been opened and to keep the serum in a cool, dark place.
  • Keep the product in a cool and dry place and out of direct sunlight.
  • We are against animal testing and always will be.
  • Safe for use for pregnant women
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • This product should be used within 1 year from manufacturing date.


Natural products can also be allergic to some people. Test patch on inner elbow and leave for thirty minutes. Discontinue if any irritation occurs.